The Essex and
Kent Scottish

The Scottish Borderers Foundation


The service. The sacrifice. Our duty to honour it.

How Your Gift Will be Used

Donations to this Fundraising Campaign will be added to our Foundation’s capital base with the goal of maintaining it, in perpetuity, at a sustainable level. The interest earned over time will be used to fund a variety of important commemorative initiatives, as follows:

Representation at commemorative events

  • Veterans’ and other representatives’ travel to dedications of memorials, tributes etc.
  • Bringing dignitaries here for ceremonial events

Building and maintaining monuments

  • Local regimental monuments
  • Monuments in European cities
  • Monuments at key battlefields
    and other locations
  • Five monuments currently under
    local care

Support of the Regiment’s Pipes & Drums

  • Provision and maintenance of uniforms, musical instruments, etc.
  • Travel expenses for out-of-town tatoos, ceremonial appearances, parades and other performances

Preservation of records and historical artifacts

  • Digitization of military archives enabling online public access
  • Sponsoring of annual military history symposium, etc.