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The service. The sacrifice. Our duty to honour it.

Projects Funded by Service-Sacrifice-Duty Fundraising Campaign

3 Serving Soldiers to Dieppe, France for 80th Anniversary of Dieppe Raid

  • Federal government funding was not available from the Department of National Defence or Veteran Affairs Canada for members of the Army Reserve to attend this annual commemoration hosted by the City of Dieppe, France.
  • $9,950.75 for airfare Windsor-Paris, car rental, hotel and meals.
  • A Officer, Sergeant and Corporal Piper currently serving with The Essex and Kent Scottish travelled from Windsor, ON to Dieppe, France from August 16 - August 21, 2022 to participate in the ceremonies in Dieppe on August 18 and 19 to remember the soldiers of The Essex Scottish Regiment who participated in the fateful raid in 1942.
  • For more click on these links Windsor Star Letter Sep 23, 2022 Dieppe Trip 80th Dieppe Anniversary with R.G. Lawrie Bagpipes (final)

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Purchase of 18 New Doublets for Pipers and Drummers

  • $24, 811.30
  • It has been decades since the Pipes and Drums had Doublets (highland jackets) to wear for ceremonial parades. With the Presentation and Trooping of new King's and Regimental Colours in May 2023 it was deemed essential that the band was properly outfitted for this occasion.

Repair of Feather Bonnets

  • $5,181.05
  • Fifteen feather bonnets for the Pipes and Drums were completely refurbished by a milliner in Toronto. Needless to say it was difficult to find a milliner to handle this very specific highland headdress.

Visit of our Colonel-in-Chief

  • $11,998
  • His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent has been our Colonel-in Chief since 2001. We are delighted that he will visit his Regiment from May 11 to May 14, 2023 to participate in events associated with the Presentation of new Kings and Regimental Colours in Windsor and the Freedom of the City of Chatham. HRH Prince Michael last visited his Regiment in Dieppe, France in 2012.
  • Costs are for return airfare London, England-Windsor, Ontario; accomodation; and meals.